Line Marking Removal

UHP Hyroblasting

Hydroblasting is the most environmentally friendly method of line marking removal, re-texturing tarmac and cleaning surfaces. TLM’s Hydro units use clean water at ultra-high pressure to deep clean surfaces. We offer our services nationally 24 hours, 7 days a week for any road marking removal.
Our Hydroblasters operate at Ultra High Pressure of up to 43,500 PSI (3000Bar).

HCA Thermal Lance

A Hot Compressed Air - Thermal Lance otherwise known as 'burning off' is the most commonly seen method used across the world. Due to the smoke, noise and debris created using this method of line marking removal it is being discouraged throughout quite a few major cities including London as a means of road marking removal. This does not mead to say private properties are not allowed.

Micro-Milling (Scabbling)

This method of line marking removal is the preferred method used on concrete as it chips away at the surface taking any paint with it. It can leave a small amount of scarring but it is a cost effective way to remove road markings on all surfaces.